Production Year: 2006-2007

Style: The series combines extraordinary live footage of a real garden and its real inhabitans with 3D animation of the fairy, the elf and the toy alien freely interacting with real animals and insects.

Format: 104 x 7 minutes episode

Target Audience: 4 to 7 age

Language: English / Spanish / Catalan

Company: Toot Toot

Creator: Josep Viciana

Director: Josep Viciana

Executive Producer: Cristina Brandner

Original Music: Josep Roig

Worldwide Distribution: Toot Toot

Sales Contacts: Montse Capón






Tork is a tiny elf who travels many miles as a free gift in a packet of snacks, small enough to fit in the palm of a child's hand. He ends in a small garden where he is brought to life by Iris the fairy. He will soon make friends among the insects and will experience adventures in a world of nature and magic with Iris and Battery, a happy-go-lucky toy alien.