Production Year: 2015-2016

Style: 3D Animation

Format: 52 X 13 minute episodes

Target Audience: 4-7

Language: English

Company:  3D Videographics / Toot Toot

Creator: Josep Lluís Viciana

Director:  Josep Viciana

Executive Producer: David Salvador /Cristina Brandner

Original Music: Josep Roig

Worldwide Distribution: ZhongDongfor Asia, Toot Toot ROW

Sales Contacts: Montse Capón


In a   little and pretty village surrounded by paper trees and cardboard mountains, with a slice of orange as the sun, it's famous not for the landscape, but for its village's curious inhabitants. You can find Mrs. Tortoise, with her shell made of smooth river pebbles, a caterpillar made of corks,  not forgetting Mr. Hedgehog, whose spikes are sharp color pencils. And the oddest, funniest, most popular and  eccentric  character  in town: TEX the donkey, the worst trainee detective in the world!


TEX has to get to the bottom of mysterious disappearances: the case of the zebra who lost his stripes, or the enigmatic case of the ghost who  wasn’t  scary , or the baffling case of the robber who stole a rock from Mrs. Tortoise's back...