Douguie in Disguise

Production Year: 2006

Style: animation

Format: 104 x 7 minutes episode

Target Audience: Preschool

Language: English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Neutral Spanish

Company: Toot Toot

Creator: Josep Viciana

Director: Josep Viciana

Executive Producer: Cristina Brandner

Original Music: Josep Roig

Worldwide Distribution: Toot Toot

Sales Contacts: Montse Capón





The story is about Dougie, an ordinary kid who lives with his parents. He loves to play with his sticker albums which will turn into a living world through Dougie’s imagination. In every episode Dougie will wear a new disguise and he will enjoy exciting adventures with his friend Tim the dog in a unique environment, with songs and beautiful animated stickers. It is a world of magic and wisdom where Dougie will overcome situations with his little dog, interacting with the audience.