The Ugly Duckling and His Big Race  

Style: 2D animation

Format: 70 minutes

Target Audience: 5 to 8 age

Language: English / Spanish / Neutral Spanish / French

Company: Neptuno Films

Creator: Josep Viciana

Director: Josep Viciana

Executive Producer Cristina Brandner

Original Music: Josep Roig

Worldwide Distribution: Neptuno Films

Sales Contacts: Cristina Brandner



There´s excitement on the farm where the Ugly Duckling lives, because a very special competition is about to take place. It´s the Big Race, and all the best runners are going to compete, like Mariano the rooster, always full of fun, the motorized tortoise, sneaky old Apolo, and, last but not least, the Ugly Duckling, ready to surprise us all. The contestants are under starters orders for a race packed with challenges and adventures. Who will be the winner?