The Ugly Duckling in Tales of Mystery

Production Year: 2004

Style: 2D animation

Format: 75 minutes

Target Audience: 5 to 8 age

Language: English / Spanish / Neutral Spanish / French

Company: Neptuno Films

Creator: Josep Viciana

Director: Josep Viciana

Executive Producer Cristina Brandner

Original Music: Josep Roig

Worldwide Distribution: Neptuno Films

Sales Contacts: Cristina Brandner 



In this big adventure, the Ugly Duckling faces some very scary ghosts. Some of them haunt the mysterious caves close by the farm, and they won´t let anybody come near - they are guarding an astounding secret. In the misty, marshy woods there are other ghosts, which that nobody dares approach, apart from the brave little Ugly Duckling. With the help of his friend Nico the Piglet he sets out to discover the mysterious secrets that the sinister spooks are hiding.