Poppets Town 



 2008 - 2009
 52 episodes x 11 minutes
 English / Spanish  / Neutral Spanish / Portuguese / Catalan
 Toot Toot, Decode Inc
 Jun Ichihara
 Josep Viciana
 Cristina Brandner, Beth Stevenson, Anne Loi, Neil Court
 Steve D' Angelo, Terry Tompkins for EGGPLANT
Worldwide Distribution: Toot Toot in Spain and Latin America
 Montse Capón



Life's a party in Poppets Town. Building, exploring, racing and roaring around town, the Poppets are always having fun, fun, fun. But each new adventure brings with it new challenges and sometimes a Poppet on the go just doesn't know what to do next! How can I get the apples down from the tree? Where should I dig for buried treasure? And how do I think up a song? That's where Scooter and his best friend Patty and Bobby come in. Scooter's Gang is well-known as the go-to guys (and gals!) of Poppets Town. Stuck about what colour to paint your house? Have ants invaded your picnic? Is your ice cream melting on a hot summer day? If you live in Poppets Town, you know who to call!