Classic Tales

 2008 - 2009
 130 episodes x 5 minutes
 English / Catalan
 Toot Toot, Southern Star
 Juhi Yi, Craig Handley
 Craig Handley
 Cristina Brandner, Noel Price, Tim Brooke-Hung y Louis Sek
 Josep Roig
Worldwide Distribution: Spain and Portugal, Toot Toot. Rest of the world, Southern Star
 Montse Capón


“Classic Tales” features timeless stories that have entertained and enchanted Young and old alike for generations. Each tale has been adapted in a manner that stays truthful to the spirit of the original source material while featuring a fresh and unique visual style that will delight contemporary audiences. Drawn from around the globe, the stories include all the best loved fairy tales, ancient myths and legends and many exotic tales that become favourites in their own lands. “Classic Tales” is truly encyclopaedic in its scope and universal in its appeal.