King Arthur Disasters 

Production Year: 2004-2006

Style: animation

Format: 26 x 26 minutes episode

Target Audience: 8 to 10 age

Language: English / Spanish / Catalan / Neutral Spanish / Portuguese

Company: Toot Toot - Coolabi Productions Ltd - Cake Entertainment

Creator: Paul Parkes & Will Ashurst

Director: Edward Bignell (Series 1) / David Freedman (Series 2) / Josep Viciana / Santi Comella

Executive Producer: Alan Fairholm / Cristina Brandner

Original Music: Chris Bemand

Worldwide Distribution in Spain and Latin America: Toot Toot; Distributes In the rest of the world Cake Entertainment.

Contact of Sales for countries of Spanish and Portuguese speaking: Montse Capón

Contact of Sales for the rest of the world: Julian Scott and Genevieve Dexter.





King Arthur’s Disasters follows the absurd and epic adventures of King Arthur on his various quests to satisfy Princess Guinevere’s need for exotic presents, in the vain hope that she will finally agree to marry him. King Arthur’s enthusiasm is as limitless as the quests are futile.