The Terrifying Adventures of the Gravediggers Squad

Production Year: 2007

Style: 2D animation

Format: 75 minutes

Target Audience: 6 to 10 age

Language: English, Neutral Spanish

Company: Neptuno Films

Creator: Josep Viciana

Director: Josep Viciana

Executive Producer Cristina Brandner

Original Music: Josep Roig

Worldwide Distribution: Neptuno Films

Sales Contacts: Cristina Brandner






What happens when a radioactive corpse crawls out of its grave as a terrifying zombie? What will the gravediggers do for a job when Mrs Death goes on holiday, and people stop dying? And how will they get the coffin back, when their hearse is towed away for a parking infraction? Find out the chaotic consequences of these hair-raising happenings and many more in The Terrifying Adventures of the Gravediggers Squad.